A Focus on
Fixed Income

Partnering In The Growth Of Your Practice

When financial advisors choose Appleton, you are getting more than investment management solutions. We strive to be a valued partner, not another product, because we know what building a wealth management business demands. Preserving and growing investor capital has been our priority for more than 30 years. Today we manage more than $9 billion, the majority of which is entrusted to us by financial advisors.

Portfolio Management

Personalization – We believe in tailoring portfolios around individual investor needs such as tax situations, risk tolerances, exposures and income requirements. Successful investing is about outcomes and meeting objectives first requires understanding them.

Solutions – Customization can help your clients get where they want to go. That’s why we are committed to separate account management.

Active, disciplined approach – Markets are dynamic, and you need an investment partner with the flexibility to prudently react to changes in the credit, interest rate and yield curve environments.

Relationship Management

Accessibility – At Appleton, portfolio managers are also relationship managers. When you work with us, you interact with experienced investors, not wholesalers.

Continuity – Our relationships with advisors are fostered, not handed off. We build trust you can draw upon as your practice grows.

Practical perspectives – Engagement enhances partnership. By sharing topical market and portfolio insight, we aim to add value to your client relationships.

Private client heritage – The wealth management model is in our DNA. Appleton Partners was founded in 1986 as an advisor to sophisticated private clients, and we approach intermediaries with the same mindset.