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June 2018 Duration Decision-Making

June 2018 California: Credit Reflections as a New Era Approaches

April 2018 Munis, Rates & Equity Volatility

April 2018 Optimizing Short-Term Investment Assets

February 2018 Appleton's Thoughts on Recent Stock Market Volatility

January 2018 A Municipal Time Bomb? Separating Value From Risk

October 2017 Hartford's Fiscal Distress

August 2017 Hurricane Harvey & the Municipal Bond Market

August 2017 Trends in Pension Returns

November 2016 State & Local Ballot Measures - November 2016

July 2016 Puerto Rico - PROMESA Update

June 2016 Appleton Brexit Market Update

April 2016 Municipal Bond Market Overview – A Three-Part Series: Part III

April 2016 Municipal Bond Market Overview – A Three-Part Series: Part II

March 2016 Municipal Bond Market Overview – A Three-Part Series: Part I

January 2016 Stressed Muni Credits: Illinois, Chicago, & Puerto Rico

October 2015 State of Illinois

August 2015 Appleton's View on Recent Market Volatility

June 2015 Puerto Rico Potential Restructuring

June 2015 Introduction to Municipal Green Bonds

March 2015 Enterprise Risk in the Municipal Market

March 2015 Rate Cycles Driven by Rising Short Term Rates

February 2015 West Coast Ports Labor Dispute

November 2014 Qualifying The Implications of Spin-Offs for Bondholders

October 2014 Stockton Bankruptcy Ruling

July 2014 The Financial Sector : Review & Outlook

February 2014 S&P Acts First on Puerto Rico

January 2014 Sector Drivers for 2014

December 2013 Factors Impacting the Municipal Market as We Approach 2014

December 2013 Detroit Ruled Eligible

July 2013 Detroit Bankruptcy Filing

June 2013 Fed Update - Statement Release from the June Meeting

June 2013 Detroit Debt Default

March 2013 The Impact of Rising Interest Rates: A Scenario Analysis

Bonnie Tracy, SVP, Fixed Income Strategist and Portfolio Manager

January 2013 American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012

November 2012 2012 Election Initiatives

November 2012 Hurricane Sandy Market Implications

August 2012 California Local Credit Distinctions

November 2011 Response to Jefferson County Bankruptcy Filing - November 2011

September 2011 American Jobs Act and Municipal Market Impact

August 2011 S&P Downgrade of US Credit Rating

January 2011 Response to Headline News - January 2011

Janet M. Kelliher, Vice President, Senior Research Analyst

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