Portfolios for
Dynamic Investors

Our clients range from executives planning a secure retirement, to families looking to preserve their assets for future generations, to businesses and foundations seeking expert investment advice. Our individualized and personal approach of separate account management appeals to investors from all walks and at every stage of life.

The Williston Company, a large medical supplies distributor, needed an investment advisor to help manage its assets particularly its excess working capital reserve. They had spent considerable time and energy trying to do it internally, but concluded that medical supplies, not investment management, was their strong suit. So The Williston Company asked Appleton to evaluate its current investment policy and to suggest appropriate changes that would be more in line with their overall corporate and financial objectives. We worked with the company's Treasury team to develop an investment policy consistent with its cash flow needs and risk tolerances. The funds were invested in short-term, fixed-income instruments that generated additional income above a passive approach and were consistent with the company's need for principal stability and liquidity. Appleton continues to meet regularly with Williston's Treasury staff and closely monitors, almost on a daily basis, the company's portfolio. Over the years, the folks in the Treasury department have come to consider Appleton an integral part of their team, somewhat as an extension of themselves.

These case studies are sample client profiles and are for demonstration purposes only.
They illustrate the breadth and depth of the many clients we represent at various life stages.
Any similarities to actual Appleton Partners clients past or present are strictly coincidental.