Portfolios for
Dynamic Investors

Our clients range from executives planning a secure retirement, to families looking to preserve their assets for future generations, to businesses and foundations seeking expert investment advice. Our individualized and personal approach of separate account management appeals to investors from all walks and at every stage of life.

Alan has worked for a Fortune 500 company his whole career and Appleton has been his investment manager the entire time. As he's risen up the corporate ladder and accumulated wealth, Appleton Partners has constantly re-evaluated and adjusted Alan's strategy to make sure it lines up with his current financial situation. When Alan meets with his Appleton team, he often compliments us on our professionalism and business savvy. We handle his affairs in a confidential manner, so he knows he can count on complete privacy when he refers a business associate to us. In these times of high-tech and low-touch, Alan appreciates Appleton's personal approach. He even kids us that he must be our only client. Alan has been working with the same team at Appleton for years and they know exactly what he expects-exceptional efficiency and responsiveness. That's the way he runs his business. And that's the way he likes his business run.

These case studies are sample client profiles and are for demonstration purposes only.
They illustrate the breadth and depth of the many clients we represent at various life stages.
Any similarities to actual Appleton Partners clients past or present are strictly coincidental.