Portfolios for
Dynamic Investors

Our clients range from executives planning a secure retirement, to families looking to preserve their assets for future generations, to businesses and foundations seeking expert investment advice. Our individualized and personal approach of separate account management appeals to investors from all walks and at every stage of life.

She was educated at the best schools money could buy and will not need to work unless she chooses to. She has the resources to enjoy life on her own terms and dabble in business opportunities that interest her. While she has worked with many investment professionals over the years, Catherine feels most comfortable with Appleton Partners. She likes the fact that Appleton works with her lawyer, banker, and accountant to protect her assets. And even though she has more than enough money to last her lifetime, she welcomes Appleton's guidance in helping her make appropriate decisions about potential business opportunities. Because of her wealth, Catherine is often bombarded with requests from outsiders for financing, and sometimes they seem of questionable character. Appleton has introduced ways for her to preserve capital through a variety of Trust vehicles and alternate investments. We've also shown her how to sort through the options and pick business opportunities and charities that are legitimate and suit her best. Everyone at Appleton is on the same team-Catherine's.

These case studies are sample client profiles and are for demonstration purposes only.
They illustrate the breadth and depth of the many clients we represent at various life stages.
Any similarities to actual Appleton Partners clients past or present are strictly coincidental.