Portfolios for
Dynamic Investors

Our clients range from executives planning a secure retirement, to families looking to preserve their assets for future generations, to businesses and foundations seeking expert investment advice. Our individualized and personal approach of separate account management appeals to investors from all walks and at every stage of life.

Martha knew she and Jim had amassed substantial assets, but she had never paid much attention to how they were invested. He was the primary breadwinner and the one who dealt with the money. Right from the start, Appleton Partners was there for Martha and her family. Not only did we help them maneuver through the financial logistics of the estate transactions, we worked directly with their legal and accounting professionals on their behalf. Dealing with a loss was all consuming to Martha, and Appleton offered emotional support to ease her burden. We gave her the practical assistance she needed to help her get on with her life. What did Martha value most? That she was dealing with sensitive people of high integrity whom she could rely on. She was comfortable that she was in the good hands of a professional team of people who truly understood her and cared.

These case studies are sample client profiles and are for demonstration purposes only.
They illustrate the breadth and depth of the many clients we represent at various life stages.
Any similarities to actual Appleton Partners clients past or present are strictly coincidental.