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Financial advisors who partner with Appleton get more than just investment management solutions. You’ll gain a partner in the growth of your practice.

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We combine time-tested foundations of successful relationship management with our unique approach to provide solutions tailored for your specific needs.

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Sharing our perspectives concerning market conditions, outlooks and trends enhances client collaboration. Here’s what we’re talking about this month.

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January 2020

“The differential between 2 and 10-year AAA municipals increased meaningfully as Q4 closed, moving from 20 to 40 basis points over the quarter.  We continue to see value in the 6 to 12-year maturity range…”

Economic & Market

Differentiating Credit Vigilance From Complacency

“All too often favorable capital market conditions have generated a degree of investor and analyst complacency.  With municipal credit spreads at near record lows, the margin for safety has been diminished…”


Forecasting in an Uncertain World

“As we close the door on the 2010s and enter the 2020s, thinking about the risks we know, don’t know, and don’t know we don’t know can help frame market expectations…”



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Independent. Experienced. Committed.

We operate based on a long history of successful client relationships, and a set of defining beliefs for the way wealth management should be.

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A Culture of Expertise and Shared Values.

Our experienced team proudly fosters an environment of collaboration and dedication, which is evident to those who work with us.

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