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Financial advisors who partner with Appleton get more than just investment management solutions. You’ll gain a partner in the growth of your practice.

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We combine time-tested foundations of successful relationship management with our unique approach to provide solutions tailored for your specific needs.

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Sharing our perspectives concerning market conditions, outlooks and trends enhances client collaboration. Here’s what we’re talking about this month.

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August 2022

“Most of the world defines recessions as at least two consecutive quarters of GDP contraction. The US relies instead on an assessment by the National Bureau of Economic Research, which has not yet ruled.”

Economic & Market

Yield, Credit, and Valuation: The Case For Municipals

We recommend advisors and investors take another look at their allocation to investment grade municipals, a case based on higher yield levels, strong credit quality, and attractive relative valuation.


Fortifying Financial Decision-Making

“Generation X households are likely to inherit a staggering $30 trillion in wealth over the next 25 years and overtake the Baby Boomers as America’s wealthiest generation. The magnitude of this dynamic has caught the attention of wealth management professionals, and what is unfolding in an aging America is also likely to have a profound effect on individual relationships with money.”



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Independent. Experienced. Committed.

We operate based on a long history of successful client relationships, and a set of defining beliefs for the way wealth management should be.

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A Culture of Expertise and Shared Values.

Our experienced team proudly fosters an environment of collaboration and dedication, which is evident to those who work with us.

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