Our culture defines who we are and how we operate. With integrity, commitment and collaboration, we aim to meet the individual objectives of every client.

Douglas Chamberlain, CFA

President and Chief Executive Officer

We Hear You

Appleton has built multi-faceted, multi-generational relationships through close personal engagement with our clients.

Objectivity Above All Else

As an independent firm, our advice is strictly driven by your fiduciary interests. We exercise professionalism and integrity in all that we do, and view these values as cornerstones of our business.

Clarity of Purpose

We work with you to develop well-defined and clearly communicated goals that guide each private client relationship.

Insight and Expertise

Comprehensive financial planning and investment capabilities, coupled with active coordination with outside specialists, allow us to address a diversity of private client and family needs.

Customization and Creativity

Personalization lies at the heart of everything we do, because going beyond the portfolio to understand your unique situation is the best way to achieve success.

Dynamism and Adaptability

With flexible, nimble services, we’re able to react to shifting market conditions or a change in your circumstances.

More Than Portfolio

We are 100% employee-owned and operated, an organizational structure that we feel optimally aligns our interests with those of our clients. Our success is derived from yours. Since 1986, our team has been dedicated to delivering the best possible financial planning and wealth management solutions.


Account Review

We emphasize sustained interaction with clients encompassing all aspects of the relationship. This approach aims to ensure that objectives are understood, and goals are clearly defined, adjusted appropriately, and regularly tracked.

Integrated portfolio systems help ensure adherence to client and strategy guidelines.

Proprietary technology links trading, settlement, reconciliation and compliance processes.


Markets aren’t static, and neither are your circumstances. That’s why we closely monitor and actively manage our clients’ investment portfolios. Our wealth management process maintains the flexibility to react to changing dynamics, emphasizes time-tested buy-and-sell disciplines, and focuses on periodic rebalancing to personalized asset allocation parameters.


Onboarding and Relationship Management


Private Client
Review and Outlook

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February 2019

“As we push through earnings season, corporate results have been mixed. Not great, but better than feared. Economic conditions are not binary. There is a solid middle ground between rapid growth and a damaging slowdown…”

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January 2019

“We believe the US equity markets have been experiencing a policy-driven correction, not signaling a credit crisis or recession… There’s been a disconnect between fundamentals and price action… Q4’s equity downturn seemingly priced in negative 2019 corporate earnings growth, something we do not anticipate…”

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December 2018

“Following up on last month’s discussion of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), here are some year-end tax planning suggestions. Taking proactive steps in December can help manage your 2018 tax liability while also aligning with personal goals and circumstances…”

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